Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Setting the Bar

So I have involved myself in several conversations lately where the topic is standards. Looking back at those chats now I have come to the conclusion that people tend to set them somewhat high and then when it is convenient or when they really want something they lower them in order to obtain those things. Why is it that so many people today (especially the younger generation) choose to settle instead of being patient; waiting for something better to come along... something that will met all the criteria on their list? 
This sounds somewhat shallow but I believe the reason why we would call this "shallow thinking" is because we are constantly making excuses to dumb things down or make things easier on ourselves. This is what our society has become; we fight for things that have no true value and instead we become cowards when something worth fighting for comes up. We have become lazy, passive and complacent. As adults we teach young children that they can be whatever they want, yet as they grow we begin to discourage creative thinking and any type of argumentative conversation because we feel as though they are being disrespectful. However they are at the stage in their life when they are discovering their own ideals and when they want to speak up they are hushed and this is when they learn what it is to be "smart" to hold any type of intuitive thought inside because it would be perceived as "radical" and so they are molded into society's sculpture of being common and normal. We are now expected to be plain, because how dare we try to exceed in life and make something of ourselves... because then the lazy man to our left or right would then feel inadequate.
This may just be my way of venting about my frustration with the way our society has become somewhat of a death sentence to not only my generation but to all the generations that follow; and with the fact that so few are willing to stand up and make a change. I just want my children and grandchildren to live in a world where creative thought is not only allowed but encouraged and even expected. Thanks for suffering through my tangents.

That's all for now,
Amy Jo 

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