Thursday, February 17, 2011

To the groove of my heart-beat and melody

Topic up for discussion, MUSIC. What an amazing connection that we are all able to share as humans. We argue about it, defend it, listen to it for hours, to relate to when we are sad and to sing along to when we are feeling our best. The instruments, the harmonies, the lyrics that speak the very words that you are feeling. When you're sad someone shouts out the name of a band they heard one time that would help you out in that situation. Why is it that music can bring a smile back onto our face when we have been crying for hours?
Why is it the solution to so many problems?
There's something that brings us all together in the creativity of a rocked out band session. Its the vibrations in the floor, the sweat dripping from the intensity of the moment and its the soul and conviction that lies within the voice of the artist. It's being able to lash out, to scream at the top of our lungs, to say the things we are too afraid or ashamed to say... set to beat, rhythm and chords.
How is it that when we hear the right words combined with right instruments and the right pace... when it is sung by the right voice... when all the elements come into place at the right time... how is it that we are able to shed our heightened emotions and we replace them with a chilled out persona?
It just works.
It doesn't need a reason,
or an answer...
That is what makes music so special, it breaks the rules, it creates its own path, it gives each individual a voice and an outlet to express themselves whether it be intricately or simply.
All I know is that for me it has become something to which I rely on. It has become a faithful friend.

That's all for now,
~Amy Jo~

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