Monday, February 28, 2011


Why is it that we change our minds over and over and over again. In today's society we are given the option to change our direction based on every shift of emotion and the people and places around us will do their best to aid in your new pursuit in life.
We have this overwhelming fear of failure, of rejection, of even the possibility of defeat so instead of facing these fears head on we turn around and we start a dead sprint in the opposite direction.
Let me be the first to confess that I change my mind based on an newly discovered whim that pops into my mind.
Hopeless romantic, perfectionist, social butterfly... these combine into a lethal combination at times. Learning how to stick to my guns, how to think through the situation at hand and to follow through has been one of the toughest lessons to cross my path.
When someone makes me smile, my heart tends to melt.
When hateful words cause me to cry, I guard myself from any future pain.
When someone tells me that they love me, I would take a bullet for them.
This characteristic that I happen to have an abundance of is compassion. My most powerful gift but when used without discernment it can be my greatest weakness.
In life when we are faced with tough times the most difficult move to make is to look into the mirror and examine our own issues. Instead of searching through our own inconsistency we will aim our frustration and anger at those around us, those we love, people in the media, complete strangers; it doesn't matter who we place the blame on as long as it is someone other then ourselves.
It is my most recent mission to examine my own weaknesses, I hope that in doing this I will be able to become a stronger and better person.
As I said I am a perfectionist... it is my natural tendency to act as though everything is going perfectly on the exterior; all the while I am broken internally. So this step is huge for me... And I hope it inspires others to do the same.
That's all for now,
~Amy Jo~  

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